Abundant Blessings Canines

Welcome to ABC Kennels of Texas a small boutique breeder that is focused on raising quality puppies that are from health tested parents. We have a complete curriculum that we do with our puppies daily to ensure they are set up for success and ready to be your best friend and lifelong companion.


DNA Health Tested parents

It is important to choose a breeder that does full health testing to ensure your dog is the healthiest possible and has the best genetic traits possible.

We Have a Mission

To raise puppies that are healthy and ready for all life has to offer.

We stay true to our reason for breeding. Healing hearts and saving lives through the power of a dog. Help others, have fun, and enjoy the journey!

- Adapted from Jeanette Forrey's "Badass Breeder" Oath

Powerful Pedigrees

We carfully select line and pedigrees to ensure we produce Healthy, beautiful. well mannered dogs.

Lifetime Guarantee

All of our parents are tested and carefully chosen to be sure that your puppy doesn't develop an of the common debilitating diseases that are genetically transmitted.

Follow A Specific Curriculum Program

We follow a very specific curriculum that ensures we do everything we can to make sure our puppies know they work is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. Includes (ENS) Early Neurological Stimulation, (ESI) Early Scent Introduction, daily handling, exposure to many sights, sounds, smells and even obstacle courses. Soing all of this increases the chances that our puppies will be healthier and better problem solvers as adults.

Worth the Wait- Bred with a Purpose

Quality is at the top of our list. We produce a few litters a year making sure we can meet all of there needs and do the daily curriculum with each puppy

Lifetime Return Policy

also believe in being accountable for every life we bring into this world, and
therefore we are pleased to offer our very unique lifetime return policy. If at
any point, you are unable to care for your dog, please do not hesitate to bring
him/her to us. There is no drop-off fee, and we will ensure your dog goes to
another safe and loving home to live out the rest of its days.


Welcome to ABC Kennels of Texas, owned by Mike & Shannon Harris. We are living our dream which was to start an ethical, responsible, curriculum based, completely health tested, family run breeding program for Labradors and then later we decided we were in love with Frenchie's. Our puppies are raised on 5- acres out in the country with a pond and pool, and yes, our fur babies love the pool as much as we do! We have always had a love for dogs. We have 5 grown kids and 3 grandkids, all who help us with our puppies in some way. The grand girls, love spoiling and playing with new puppies. ABC Kennel’s goal is to produce healthy, well-rounded puppies and continue studying and implementing ways we can improve. All of our dogs are part of the family.

The puppies get time inside and outside and even get to take turns sleeping with us. We feel very fortunate to raise these puppies and place them in their new pet homes. Genetic Testing on all of our parents is a priority. Why? Because it ensures that we are not breeding two carriers of certain disease traits which would then in turn produce puppies that could be affected by certain undesired genetic traits.

Many genetic diseases that affect certain dog breeds can be completely avoided IF you do genetic testing. That is why genetic testing is a Priority and a Requirement for all of our puppies and any stud we breed to.  Breeding healthy dogs is the most important part of what we do.

We would love to visit and get to know you and what you are looking for. Just send us a text or an email.


ABC Kennels owners with a recent litter of White Labrador Puppies
Our Grand Daughter holding white Labrador retriever puppy
OUr grand daughter holding a fox red Labrador retriever
Our grand daughter with a recently born white Labrador Puppy