Puppies are still growing through their first year of life. Their ligaments, joints and even bones are not done growing. Normal play is encouraged but please do not encourage long walks or jumping off of things such as the couch or stairs. High Impact sports are also discouraged until their growth plates have fully closed which is usually at about one year old.

There are lots of fun and safe exercises for puppies to do in the meantime! Walks are safe but look for signs of fatigue which may include sluggishness, heavy panting, refusing to move, or jumping up on your legs. Be cautious when letting your puppy play with other dogs, especially those larger than them, as that can cause injury or strain.

Of course, only allow your puppy to play with vaccinated dogs until your puppy is fully vaccinated. Always supervise play and if your puppy seems overwhelmed, or is being too rough with the other dog, remove them from play and give them a time-out or distract them with a toy or food.

Remember that mental stimulation is also exercise! It is very tiring on a puppy to be learning new things! Keep training sessions short, only 2-3 minutes at a time, but repeat throughout the day. Keeping your puppy mentally stimulated will help them tire out so they sleep better at night as well!